Azerbaijan Investment Company OJSC rebranded

The Azerbaijan Investment Company (AIC), which deals with capital investments in Azerbaijan's non-oil sector, financing and supporting high value-added projects, was restructured in 2020. As part of the restructuring process, the internal structure of the AIC was improved, and work began on the elaboration of a new investment and risk management policies, a new development strategy, strengthening and optimizing the investment portfolio, as well as enhancing investment rules, other regulations and procedures.

Moreover, AIC introduced a new company logo upon rebranding and launched an official website ( with a new design.

Note: “Azerbaijan Investment Company” Open Joint Stock Company was established by the Presidential Order of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On additional measures to promote investment activities” dated March 30, 2006.

The overriding goal of AIC is to make term investments in commercial enterprises of Azerbaijan at its own expense and by attracting other investors, thereby contributing to the development of the non-oil sector of the Azerbaijani economy. By attracting local and foreign investments, modern technologies, know-how and scientific innovations to Azerbaijan, AIC continues to work on the development of a competitive, modern and efficient economy in the country, as well as on the expansion of entrepreneurial activities.